The TERO Business Network is a sophisticated business website that serves as a value added resource TERO Offices across North America. The TERO Business Network makes it easy to connect the dots between Consumers and Native American Businesses including National Business Sectors and other Consumer Groups plus International Business Markets through one very smart, first of its kind web site dedicated to promoting Native American Business 

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Membership Benefits

• Connecting Native American Consumers with Native American Business: TBN provides the visibility needed for Native American Consumers to more easily locate Native American Business. This type of visibility will stimulate business growth between Native American Consumers and Native American Business simply by making your goods and services more accessible.

• Native American Business Networking: TBN members B2B page enables members to post various subcontracting opportunities for partnering with other Native American Firms. This type of mechanism will encourage and result in a deeper collaboration between Native American Businesses.

• Business Profile Micro-site: TBN gives each member the ability to create a “micro-site” within the main website. Up load your company information, documents, and photos to create your own custom business profile in the way you want the world to view your company. The profile page is self maintained.

• User Level Security and Administration: The members secure administrator has the ability to modify company content on the micro-site to further enhance branding and identity as often as they like with a simple key stroke.

• Bid Opportunities and Job Postings: Memeber will receive TERO RFPs via email or text. Members can also post company job openings. Seach the Diversity links to find the information you need to do business with local, state, and federal entities, including National Business Sectors.

• National and International Visibility for Business Growth and Opportunities: TBN creates a single intelligent platform that enables members to be viewed more often and easily by National and International Business Markets. This type of visibility facilitates opportunities for partnering with National and International Business Markets.

• Social Media Integration, Content Management: Google Maps integration and Social media (Facebook/Twitter). Members can publish scheduled news, events, job openings, and even special promotions days, weeks, even months in advance.

• Promoting TBN Members: TBN continually promotes through attendance at events such as Pow Wows, Reservation Economic Summits, Chamber Events, TERO events, Marketing Campaigns, and on line Media.